If you are considering Cosmetic Dentistry, it’s important to understand exactly what’s involved and how this procedure can truly change your life. Our Smiles By Garcia team will walk you through the entire process and answer your questions along the way, making sure you’re completely comfortable from the minute you arrive at our office.
We have collected an informative list of the most commonly asked patient questions and their answers below.

How much does a Smile makeover cost? Does Smiles By Garcia offer financing options?

Because of Dr. Garcia’s extensive experience, he has a very time and cost efficient approach to his smile makeovers. So the cost of a smile makeover at Smiles By Garcia is more affordable than in many other dental offices in Austin and is less than it was even a few years ago. However, many people still want financing options to help pay them pay for their new smile. That’s why Smiles By Garcia works closely with leading healthcare financing companies to provide payment plans for our patients who qualify. During your Free Consultation, our Patient Coordinators will help you look at a financing strategy that fits your budget. For more information, please see our financing page.

How can you help me if I am afraid of the dentist?

Dr. Garcia and the whole Smiles By Garcia team do everything they can to make you as comfortable as possible. Dr. Garcia uses safe, gentle sedation dentistry to help ease and eliminate the fear of dentists and dentistry. Smiles By Garcia offers various sedation options to ease your fears and allow you to feel completely relaxed and comfortable throughout your dental visits. For more information, please see our sedation dentistry page.

My teeth are in really bad shape, can Dr. Garcia and Smiles By Garcia really help me?

In his 25+ years of Cosmetic Dentistry practice there is almost no condition Dr. Garcia hasn’t seen. Dr. Garcia is very experienced in treating all types of patients from smile makeovers to complex cases that may even have been turned away by other dentists. If you are confused by the treatment you have been told would help you, then you should see Dr. Garcia and find out how he can help you. Call today and schedule your free consultation.

Will my new smile look natural?

One of the most common compliments our patients hear after they have their smile makeover at Smiles By Garcia is “you whitened your teeth and they look great!” This means that your new porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges are natural looking and beautiful. Dr. Garcia thinks that is one of the highest compliments you can receive about your smile.

How do I know if Dr. Garcia and Smiles By Garcia is the right Cosmetic Dentistry office for me?

During his 25+ year career Dr. Arturo R. Garcia has completed thousands of healthy, beautiful smile makeovers and fixed tens of thousands of teeth. Because of his experience and expertise he is known as “Austin’s Cosmetic Dentist”. Smiles By Garcia can help you get the smile you have always wanted. Best of all, you can transform your smile in just two visits! For more information, please see our cosmetic dentistry page and the meet Dr. Garcia page.

How long will it take to finish my Smile Makeover?

At Smiles By Garcia most Smile Makeovers are completed in just 2 visits! Dr. Garcia has extensive Cosmetic Dentistry training and experience so he knows how to best help you get the smile you have always wanted. After your first visit you will leave with a beautiful temporary smile that will give you a great idea of how your new smile will look. These temporaries allow to see, real time, how your new smile will look. This gives you time to evaluate your new temporary smile and make sure that your new smile is the right size, shape and color for you! Then, your porcelain will be customized to meet Dr. Garcia’s exacting standards and your desires. At your second visit Dr. Garcia will remove your temporary smile and permanently place your beautiful new porcelain over your teeth. Now your healthy, beautiful smile makeover is finished!

How long will my Smile Makeover last?

We are often asked how long a porcelain crown, porcelain veneer, or bridge last? Many things can influence how long your porcelain will last so even our best estimates are just that…estimates. However, the naturally beautiful porcelain Dr. Garcia uses to create the healthy, beautiful smiles we are known for is also incredibly strong. In most cases your new smile is stronger and more stable than you starting point. But, if one of our porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, or porcelain bridges should break, become loose, be damaged or come off we will repair or replace it at no charge. For more information, please see our Smile Protection Policy page.

Will my dental insurance pay for my Smile Makeover?

Most of our patients have dental insurance. But, dental insurance will not pay for Cosmetic Dentistry. However, almost all of our smile makeovers have a health component. This means we are treating cavities, gum disease, tooth infections, broken teeth, missing teeth, old dentistry, etc as part of your smile makeover. These problems may be covered by your dental insurance. We are happy to fill out your dental insurance claim forms for you and then your dental insurance will reimburse you directly for services that they cover.

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