Beautiful porcelain veneers + beautiful porcelain crowns = a beautiful new smile!

Would you like to know how to get a beautiful new smile? Porcelain veneers and crowns can create a dramatic improvement and turn worn, damaged teeth into your beautiful new smile! Usually in just 2 visits! Dr. Garcia used naturally beautiful eMax porcelain to repair the damaged teeth and create a beautiful new smile! Establishing the correct tooth size, shape, position and color are the keys to creating a beautiful smile. But, it is equally important to use naturally beautiful porcelain like eMax that looks great as a veneer or as a crown and results in a beautiful, even smile.

Dr. Arturo Garcia is Austin’s Cosmetic Dentist with over 1,000 cosmetic smile makeovers completed!  He uses naturally beautiful eMax porcelain veneers and crowns to create beautiful smiles.

A patient with a Beautiful New Smile