Relax during your next dental appointment with the integration of sedation dentistry

At Smiles by Garcia, we understand that patients throughout the Austin, TX area who are uneasy about visiting the dentist may avoid doing so because of their fears of dental work. However, it is vital that patients visit their dentist at least twice a year for an evaluation and professional cleaning. Dr. Arturo Garcia wants to make it easier than ever to visit the dentist even with anxiety, thanks to the integration of sedation dentistry.

What is sedation dentistry?

Dental work completed while the patient is sedated is a popular option for those with dental anxiety. Our sedation methods vary depending on a patient’s level of anxiety. The sedation methods available at Smiles by Garcia include:

  • Nitrous oxide – an effective sedative method for patients with mild to moderate dental anxieties is that of nitrous oxide. This odorless and colorless gas, known as “laughing gas,” is administered through the nose via a mask and provides almost immediate calming. At the end of treatment, oxygen is brought through the mask to bring patients back to their normal state, allowing individuals to drive home or return to school or work immediately after their dental procedures when appropriate.
  • Oral conscious sedation – oral conscious sedation is the use of an oral medication that is prescribed to the patient to take prior to visiting the dental office. This sedation method makes patients feel drowsy though coherent enough to respond to questions and have their dental work completed without pain or fear.
  • General anesthesia – for patients who need higher levels of sedation, general anesthesia may be used. This is what is used during surgeries to put patients “under” and allow the professionals to complete their work. Patients who have severe anxieties or those who are undergoing a number of procedures at once may consider the advantages of general anesthesia for their next procedure.

Integrating sedation dentistry to obtain a beautiful smile!

At Smiles by Garcia, we strive to ensure all of our patients feel comfortable during their dental visits. Our relaxing atmosphere and the combination of sedation dentistry solutions can help all of our patients feel more comfortable when they visit with Dr. Arturo Garcia. Sedation dentistry may be right for you! Call (512) 402-5872 to schedule your initial appointment and discuss the advantages of sedation methods used for Austin, TX area patients.