Smiles by Garcia Offers a Two-Visit Smile Makeover for Complete Rejuvenation!

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It is not unusual for Dr. Arturo Garcia, the primary dentist at Smiles by Garcia, to visit with patients in the Austin, TX area and discuss the appearance of the smile. Some patients have a variety of imperfections of the smile that can detract from the natural beauty. Patients who are ready to enhance their smile with cosmetic dentistry can ask about our “two-visit” smile makeover!

How can a smile be transformed in just two visits?

Dr. Arturo Garcia is excited to offer patients solutions that assist them in completely rejuvenating the appearance of the smile. During the first appointment, patients will consult with their dentist to determine the specific needs they have. Often, patients will point out to our team certain imperfections they’d like to address, which may include stained, broken, or unusually shaped teeth. Our doctor will prepare the smile for the placement of temporary restorations such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns. While the final restorations are being ordered through a specialized dental laboratory, patients can spend a week or two enjoying their temporaries to try out their brand-new smile. Patients will then return to the dental office for a second visit, during which Dr. Arturo Garcia will remove the temporaries and place the final restorations.

How long will my new smile last?

The temporary restorations placed during the first visit to the dentist will last approximately two weeks or longer, depending on how long it takes to complete the final replacements. When the permanent veneers and/or crowns are created, patients will enjoy these restorations for approximately a decade or longer with proper care and maintenance. Our dental team educates patients on how to care for their new smile and help it last a lifetime!

Are you intrigued at the idea of a two-visit smile?

Contact Dr. Arturo Garcia and his team of Smiles by Garcia in Austin, TX to schedule an appointment. During a consultation visit, you will find out if this method of restoring the smile is right for you! The office can be reached by calling (512) 402-5872 and is conveniently located at 2530 Walsh Tarlton Lane, Suite 210. We are always welcoming potential patients into our practice.