Transform your smile with a smile makeover treatment plan!

At Smiles by Garcia, patients in Austin, TX can address imperfections of the smile in a dramatic way by undergoing a popular treatment called a smile makeover. Dr. Arturo Garcia and his team encourage patients to consider this solution for smiles with a variety of concerns, including cosmetic and functional.

What is a smile makeover?

When patients are concerned about a number of imperfections of the smile, including missing, stained, or broken teeth, they can work with their dentist to develop a treatment plan known as a smile makeover. A smile makeover combines several services together to completely transform a smile that may require a wide range of treatments to completely change. This may include a variety of procedures such as:

• Porcelain veneers

• Dental crowns

• Dental implants

• Dental bridges

• Dentures

• Composite resin bonding

• Tooth-colored fillings

During an initial consultation appointment, patients will consult with Dr. Arturo Garcia of Smiles by Garcia to discuss the concerns they have with their current smile. Then, our professionals will develop a treatment plan called a smile makeover to provide step by step solutions to enhance the teeth. These treatments can all be done during a single appointment or may be spaced out over time, depending on the specific desires of the patient. If financing or budgeting is a concern, we encourage our patients to speak with our front office staff about payment plans that can make these necessary and highly desirable treatments more affordable than ever. Our staff can also accept your dental insurance plan information and determine if any treatments may be reduced or eliminated in cost by benefits provided through your insurance.

Ready to discuss the options for transforming your smile?

Smile makeovers are a great way for patients in the Austin, TX area to achieve a more attractive smile when various concerns are at play. We welcome individuals in the community to contact our facility to learn about the advantages of this and other cosmetic services. Our practice is located at 4407 Bee Cave Road, Building 2, Suite 221, and provides patients in and around the area with solutions for the smile whether they be general, cosmetic, or restorative. Call (512) 402-5872 to connect with Dr. Arturo Garcia today!