What causes teeth to look older and worn? Austin Dental Veneers



We all know that cavities and gum disease can damage teeth and even cause tooth loss. But, did you know that a bad bite can damage teeth and cause tooth loss as well? A bad bite can quickly cause teeth to look shorter, thinner and darker. Even though it may not look like the teeth are crooked, crowded or in the wrong place, the function (or bite) may not be right. When you consider that your teeth touch together 3000-5000 times/day when you talk, chew, etc. , it is not hard to imagine that when bite forces are not properly aligned, teeth can wear down quickly. Not only does a bad bite make teeth look older and worn, but it can also make the face look older.

Dr. Garcia uses naturally beautiful eMax porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns to fix dark, worn short teeth, correct a bad bite and give you the beautiful smile you want!