What’s the secret to a beautiful, wide smile? Austin Cosmetic Dentistry Center

One of the most important things about creating a nice looking smile is to ask yourself if you have a wide smile. Have you considered how big your smile is? Most people will show the top 10 front teeth when they smile. However, if you only treat the top front 6 teeth in someone who has a big smile it can create a smile that does not look as nice as it should. One of the major keys to a great smile is even though we only have 6 front teeth (the other teeth that show in a big smile are back teeth) you have to make the smile look great from one corner of the mouth to the other. A great smile does not stop where the front teeth stop.

Dr. Arturo Garcia is Austin’s Cosmetic Dentist completing over 1,000 cosmetic smile makeovers. He uses naturally beautiful eMax porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges to create the beautiful smile you want!a patient with a wide smile