Why patients might consider a dental bridge

Everyone wants to look their best, and with the smile being the first impression given to others during an initial meeting, it is important to address aesthetic problems of the teeth and gums. This includes tooth loss, which can negatively impact the appearance of the smile and make patients feel self-conscious about how they look to others. It can also dampen a first impression with other adults, either in work or personal relationships.

Tooth loss goes beyond just cosmetics—it can also cause various issues over time. Missing teeth can cause gaps that may result in shifting of the other teeth to compensate. Poor bite alignment is another issue that can occur if patients do not replace their missing teeth as soon as possible. Situations such as this may require orthodontic treatment to repair.

Instead, many patients choose an economical solution such as the dental bridge. Dental bridges are popular for many reasons, and may be right for an individual based on their unique needs. Here are some benefits of dental bridges:

  • Dental bridges can replace one or more teeth in a row. The bridge is made with false teeth fused to crowns on each end, which are bonded over the adjacent teeth. This allows for versatile placement.
  • Dental bridges are made from materials such as ceramic or porcelain. This ensures the restoration is beautiful and matches the existing smile for seamless integration.
  • Dental bridges use the adjacent teeth for support. However, this doesn’t mean that these teeth are not still at risk of developing cavities or disease. Patients need to see their dentist regularly for evaluations to ensure the smile is healthy.
  • Dental bridges are often a more affordable option when compared with dental implants. While dental implants are a wonderful solution for many of our patients, not everyone has the budget to place them. Patients with dental insurance plans may also find that they have benefits that can be used to reduce the cost of dental bridges.

Discuss the possibilities of a dental bridge with Dr. Arturo Garcia

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